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Only the best answer your call.


When something isn't working right, you don't just want someone who's "handy." You want a mature, well-trained, reliable professional with years of experience.  You want MDIS.

MDIS employs 20 engineers-each with direct original equipment manufacturer experience, which means they know the people who designed and built your equipment. And they've cross-trained on every major vendor's equipment to ensure accurate diagnoses and prompt solutions.

Many of our technicians trained on state-of-the-art military electronics. Many have advanced degrees in electronics or electrical engineering. And all of our technicians maintain a rigorous continuing education schedule of classroom and hands-on training in new technology and the latest trouble-shooting methods and equipment offered by MDIS, vendors and third-party sources.

Most important, every MDIS technician is unconditionally committed to the same ultimate goal-your complete and total satisfaction.