Work with us

There are critical elements at stake when working in the medical imaging field. Trust MDIS to assure your equipment works how it’s suppose to, when it’s suppose to. 

A fresh approach to your imaging needs


Manufacture Experience

All MDIS field service engineers are thoroughly trained and certified accordingly.

Electronic Specialists

MDIS has developed specialized training programs that our engineers participate in as ongoing electrical and mechanical education.


Relocation Professionals

There can be zero room for error when relocating an imaging system. Whether it be to a room down the hall, or to another state, MDIS does the job OEM compliant, and the safe way. Trust MDIS for all relocation needs.


From custom rigging to international shipping, MDIS will find a cost-effective way to relocate, install, or de-install your gamma camera.

Planned maintenance

Planned maintenance services are overlooked by many, but not MDIS. When PM’s are conducted properly, they add life to any imaging system. Trusting MDIS with your preventative maintenance  will not only increase the longevity of your system, but will enhance image quality.