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MDIS services most models from the major manufacturers. 
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Infinia II
Millennium MPR
Millennium MPS
Millennium MC
Millennium MG
Millennium Myosite
Millennium VG
Symbia S
Symbia T
Symbia Evo
Symbia Tevo
Cardio MD
Forte Epic
Forte AZ
Forte ACE
Vertex Plus
Vertex Cardio V60
Vertex Solus
Vertex Classic
Genesys Argus
Genesys Cirrus
Genesys Analog
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Each client has unique needs when it comes to service. MDIS offers a variety of customizable plans to fit your needs. 
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Coverage include all labor, travel, and replacement parts when service is needed as well as unlimited technical phone support. In addition to this, two preventative maintenance services will be performed each year. 

Perform preventative maintenance services in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. 

Save up to 30% over manufacturer’s pricing when you chose MDIS for your time and material service. MDIS offers prompt on-site response times and industry leading expertise to resolve your issue quickly.

Looking to buy or sell a nuclear imaging system? MDIS buys and sells imaging systems at fair market value. Contact us for more information. 

From custom rigging to international shipping, MDIS will provide the most cost-effective way to relocate, install, or de-install your gamma camera.

Need help preparing your camera for physics testing? Contact MDIS for additional details.

Software Support

Your business can’t function on disabled or corrupted software. MDIS support is keyed to providing remote troubleshooting, basic installation, and usability assistance for all major systems. If we service it, we support it.
For inquiries regarding coverage, contact us.

On-site software problem resolution includes repairing non-functional systems, new product installation, and existing product enhancements.
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Software updates greatly help improve the performance and security of any system. 
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Do you need technical support for your system? Call MDIS or complete our online contact form for resolving issues and answering any questions you may have.
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MDIS has the means and knowledge to remotely connect to your system for troubleshooting and fix a vast variety of software related issues.
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Data Recovery

Proprietary to MDIS, we have developed a specialized software to recover data, uncorrupt data, and restore existing hard drives when irreplaceable data is lost. This is an industry leading service that MDIS offers.
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There may come a time when your software becomes corrupted; however, MDIS could provide a solution for this common mishap. 
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